Nami Burn-e 2 MAX 32Ah

It was in 2020 that Michael Sha and Hohann Maugueret founded the Nami Electric brand, combining knowledge sharing in engineering and international distribution. Having enjoyed great success, they have positioned themselves at the top of the electric mobility market, by offering high-end and robust vehicles. Innovative and intelligent, they rely on the opinion of their followers to offer scooters that correspond to consumers.

Powerful and reliable, Nami scooters above all offer remarkable comfort thanks to their air shock absorber. This technology allows driving without hindrance from road defects.

An After-Sales Service is available to answer your questions and those of your customers. In search of always satisfying you and your customers, the supplier has in stock each spare part of the scooters.

The family is growing
Still in the success of the Nami Electric, the Burn-e 2 MAX is the big sister of the Burn-e 32Ah. Dream capacities, unequaled driving experiences, optimized performance, the Nami Burn-e 32Ah has met the expectations of our customers.


Technical characteristics
A 1500W double motor, a 72V and 32Ah battery, a range of 165km, the perfect mix for a high-end scooter. Its robust build and its weight make the Nami Burn-e 2 MAX an electric scooter that does not go unnoticed.


You will love it, and your customers will too!

Find all the evolutions of the Nami Electric brand, concentrated in the latest electric scooter Burn-e 2 MAX:

- New LEDs for more visibility

- The new handlebar, longer for more stability

- The new quick and waterproof motor connector

- The new latest generation charger


Technical sheet

Power 2x1500
Battery 72V32Ah
Autonomy 150 km
Max Speed 25 km/h*
Suspensions Standard cylinder steering damper
Full Hydraulic 4 piston brakes
Tubeless tire
Weight 47kg
Full charge time About 6.5 hours
Lighting Front and side LED lighting, turn signal
Max load supported 120 kg
Dimensions 1405mm x 355mm x 690mm





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